Shawn Gervais

Venture Capitalist

Shawn is a venture capitalist with a successful track record for setting up profitable companies across North America and the Caribbean. His roster of well-established and profitable businesses include companies in the tourism, commercial printing, digital marketing, coding, design and software development spheres. Shawn is a successful entrepreneur who has built several successful companies and has a mind for developing systems and processes that streamline, improve efficiency and solve problems for businesses. He has a strong client focus in his work and is interested in building and maintaining relationships. His studies in Geography from Carleton University and his love of the internet have fostered a passion for travel and working from unconventional places in the world. In the early years of his career  he created a software platform that received multiple offers from companies such as the YellowPages. After a successful run in the online directory space, Shawn returned to his passion of providing technical solutions and marketing services to deliver superior products and services to a global consumer base. He is also a software designer and programmer and has developed some innovative solutions for internal software as well as for his dynamic client base across North America. Shawn is also a day trader on the foreign exchange market with investments in several commodities and instruments.

Shawn is also the author of the Detailing Master Class business book helping entrepreneurs setup, manage and grow their detailing business. His book is available on Amazon and Google Books as well as a few select retail outlets.

He has business interests in Ottawa, Montreal, and other Caribbean islands and has a wide network along with a growing real estate investment portfolio. He lives with his family for parts of the year in Ottawa, ON.


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